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((WHOAH thANKS FOR TAGGING ME Sel yoooo let’s do this)

and btw u guys don’t even have to do this and i only tagged like 8 people because im antisocial asf here and well yeah i needed people to tag…

Gah what is this? GAH! Michelle, I’m too lazy….

Meet the blogger:

Name: Darryl                                                                    

Nickname(s): Gege, Didi, Little D, Darebear, Darryqueen, Darrylily, Darryleilei (Gawd make it stop, pls)                                                          

Birthday: March 20th                                                                

Gender: I am part of the 50.24% of the population who have a phallic object hanging between their legs                                              

Sexuality: … *jumps out window to avoid question*                        

Height: I AM SHORT. VERY SHORT. HOW SHORT? *jumps out window to avoid question*                                                      

Current time zone: Pacific                                                              

Most used phrases:  “Dick” “DIIIIICK” “Ya dick” “Stop being a dick” “Aw, gawd” “Go away” “Leave me alone” “Aiyah” “Yay, foods”                

Last thing you said to a family member: "Have you seen the marvellous brrrreadfish?" That song is stuck in my head.                

Favorite beverage(s): I really like water. Water goes well with everything. Also milk tea.                                                                      

First word that comes to mind: "Dick"                                               

Place that makes you feel happy and why: The bathtub. Why? Because baths are awesome                                                            

Last movie watched at the cinema: Captain Philips.                  

Three things you can’t live without: Besides food, water, oxygen, and internet: Youtube, Toilets, Underwear                                              

Something you plan on learning: Korean                                      

Piece of advice for your followers: Don’t be a dick, I guess. I’m not very good with advice (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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sweetanne974 asked:

I finally found someone like me who's watching RM so late at night... Really I feel you sister

Haha, I been watching an episode of RM every night and usually I can’t get out of bed until 10 am. I try (ok not really) to post stuff in the morning, but I sometimes I’m in a lazy mood and end up posting at 2 am or whatever ungodly hour I’m still awake. I guess that still counts as morning right?

Btw, I’m a guy :D

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